Robots Speaking to Robots

Twitter user and apparent “Digital Learner and Teacher” Nick Chater has configured IFTTT to auto-tweet a link to my posts every time I publish. Upon scanning his Twitter feed,  it appears that it’s been quite some time since he’s posted anything in person; nearly every tweet includes an IFTTT link or other script-generated action.

In spite (or because?) of this, “he” has published over 30,000 tweets and garnered over 10,000 followers.

Should I be happy to see that my blog has made the cut, worthy to occupy his feed? Or should I be upset, and treat his tweet pingbacks as spammy-smelling filth? Finally, if Twitter follower quantity is any indicator of success, should we all follow “Nick’s” example and get robots to communicate for us?

Ironically, this is an opening slide I like to use when teaching about how IFTTT can be used to make our lives more productive.

Why Work? Opening slide used to teach the benefits of IFTTT.
Why Work? Opening slide used to teach the benefits of IFTTT.
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    03 February 2014 at 9:02am
    @bhwilkoff Why connect people when sharing links will get you follower$? ...
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